Council Focus

  • Develop and implement a communications strategy that engages internal audiences.
  • Promote challenging and relevant programs of study in collaboration with key industry sectors (assessments, CDE/CPA transformation, and standards revisions (tied to cluster revision)).
  • Secure and share data that communicates agriculture’s value/relevance in a changing world.
  • Revisit the mission and vision of Agricultural Education.

Quality and Growth Initiatives (On-going)

  • National Content Standards
  • Multiple Ag Ed Designs (CASE and Texas A&M work)
  • Ag Educator Recruitment (National Teach Ag Campaign and Ag Educator Supply and Demand Study)
  • Ag Education Advocacy (National Ag Ed Advocacy Agenda and grassroots engagement strategies)

Other Initiatives (On-going)

  • Global Engagement
  • Experiential Learning (SAE)
  • Federal Leadership

Other Council Initiatives

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