SAE for ALL Guides

These two documents are intended for introduction of SAE to students & parents.  They provide an overview of the purpose and structure of the SAE program, how a student progresses through the SAE program and the value it provides to the student’s education and career plans. The Safety and Labor Information contains links to multiple websites containing information on all things Safety and Labor Law related.

SAE For ALL Guide (Student)
SAE For ALL Guide (Teacher)
SAE Safety and Labor Law Information

Independent Learning Guides

Individual learning guides are student resources designed to walk the student through the types of SAE. They each contain activities, authentic experiences and documentation guidelines. Grading rubrics and activity pages are also provided. Guides for the three levels of Foundational SAE and a guide for each type of Immersion SAE are provided.

Foundational SAE

Foundational Individual Learning Guides are design for a semester of student work at each of the three levels.  These can be used in the formal classroom instruction or as independent, outside of class, work.  Each guide addresses the five required components of the Foundational SAE and build on work completed at previous levels.

Awareness Level (Student)
Intermediate Level (Student)
Advanced Level (Student)
Foundational SAE Teacher Guide

Immersion SAE

Immersion Individual Learning Guides walk the student through understanding and initial work required to initiate and grow each type of immersion SAE.  The guides are built with activities, authentic experiences and documentation expectations for the specific type of SAE.

Ownership / Entrepreneurship
Placement / Internship
School Based Enterprise
Service Learning
Immersion SAE Teacher Guides