National Council for Agricultural Education Strategic Plan 2012-2015

Council Vision: To be the collective leadership voice for Agricultural Education in the United States

Council Mission: The mission of The National Council for Agricultural Education is to establish high quality agricultural education programs in America’s schools by stimulating:

  • the preparation, retention, and advancement of high quality agricultural educators;
  • the development of programs that prepare students for academic and career success;
  • program innovation and adaptability in response to changing student and industry needs;
  • the use of research-based practices in agricultural education programs at all levels; and
  • expanded opportunities for students to experience high quality educational programs in agriculture.

Council Strategic Goals

  • Strengthen the voice and impact of the Council within the profession.
  • Collect data needed to demonstrate local program relevance and drive program improvement.
  • SAE Renewal – Relevance and impact of SAE on student performance
  • Review and revise the national content and program standards
  • Develop an action plan to ensure the recruitment, preparation and retention of diverse, high quality teacher supply