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Welcome to the National Council for Agricultural Education

The National Council for Agricultural Education (The Council) strives to stimulate positive growth in agricultural education. The Council provides leadership for stakeholders in agriculture, food, fiber and natural resources systems education. It strives to surface issues important to agricultural education and stimulate actions to support those issues. The Council serves as a common meeting ground for agricultural education and represents organizations and entities representing students, teachers, teacher educators, state leaders, alumni, industry, and government.

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Important Links

Monday Morning Monitor
Weekly newsletter featuring updates from the National Council for Agricultural Education.
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National AFNR
The National AFNR Career Cluster Content Standards provide state Ag Ed leaders and teachers with a guide for what students should achieve through the study of agriculture.
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National Quality Program Standards
The National Quality Program Standards are designed to conduct an evaluation of the local Ag Ed program and develop clear goals for program improvement.
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New Program Standards Online Survey Tool!

The National Council for Agricultural Education is pleased to release a new electronic survey tool to help local agricultural education programs analyze their program and identify specific growth targets.

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Council to Focus on a Culture of Safety

The National Council for Agricultural Education has committed to focusing attention in all areas of agricultural education to a culture of safety.

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Teacher and  Student SAE Guides Released

The National Council for Agricultural Education is pleased to announce the release of new Individual Learning Guides aligned to all the components of the SAE for All program. These guides are designed to guide each student through the three levels of the Foundational SAE in all five foundational components. In addition, there are guides for each of the five types of Immersion SAE which assists a student starting their immersion SAEs. Access these resources at

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CASE Institute is a professional development workshop to provide teachers training for the instruction related to a specific CASE course.
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National Teach Ag Day
National Teach Ag Day celebrates school-based agricultural education and encourages Ag Ed advocates to share the great career opportunities in Ag Ed with others.
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FFA Learn provides a single source for online delivery of new and exciting electronic instructional materials, tools and resources.
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