Animal Science

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Find free Animal Science lesson plans, teaching resources and professional development for grades PreK-12, higher education, and adult education.

Amplify Horse Racing is designed to be an introductory step for youth and young adults who want to get involved in the Thoroughbred industry. The site features a downloadable Welcome Guide, informational blog, internship and job board, and resources to learn about and follow the industry.

Plant Science

Nutrients for Life Foundation Educator Resources
Nutrients for Life curriculum includes STEM activities and lessons that show how the challenge to feed our world’s growing population can be solved with science. Digital downloads are free for anyone to use. We charge a small shipping fee for printed materials.

Advanced Animal Science Curriculum
The Advanced Animal Science curriculum is broken down into 14 units.  Within each unit, there are materials to assist with lectures, quizzes, handout information and exams.

Seed Your Future is the movement to promote horticulture and inspire people to pursue careers working with plants. We envision a world where everyone understands and values the importance of plants and the people who work in the art, science, technology and business of horticulture.
These resources have been created and peer-reviewed by scientist members of the American Society of Agronomy. Sources provided are for ages K-12.

Soil Science Society of America
Resources covering soil basics, soil subjects (such as chemistry), soil science careers, and more.

PBS – Illuminating Photosynthesis
Resources related to photosynthesis for grades 5-8.

First the Seed Foundation
First the Seed Foundation resources are created to inform and educate tomorrow’s workforce about the importance of the seed industry.

OER Commons
This resource contains one lab activity plan and two lecture notes on three different agronomy related topics.

Crop science resources provided by the University of Nebraska

Golf Course Agronomy
Golf Course Agronomy discusses turfgrass as a plant that requires sunlight, carbon dioxide, water, and nutrients to survive, just as any plant does.

Food Science

Fuel Up to Play 60 Playbook

Penn State Department of Food Science
A variety of classroom materials, including curricula, student activities and resources from the Institute for Food Science and Technology (IFT)

FoodMASTER is an educational and professional development resource that uses food to enhance science and mathematic knowledge and skills for learners of all ages.

Ag Power, Structure, and Technology

Energy for Everyone
Free courses that make it easy for agriculture educators to teach students about the role propane plays in ag operations from coast to coast.

Agribusiness Management
Exploring Agriculture – (K-12)

Corteva Coloring Book
Science, Technology Engineering, and Math (STEM) Adventures in Agriculture Coloring Book. Get a glimpse inside some of the STEM career paths available in agriculture and see women in STEM.

Corteva Activity Book
For our younger audiences this activity book contains word searches, coloring pages, mazes and more!

Duper Family Farm
A comic book (or graphic novel if you prefer) created during Comic Con where the Duper Family works to save their crop from the evil corn borer.

Watch a video showing how the comic book was created (YouTube)

The My American Farm project is all about education, fun and helping to grow awareness about the importance and impact of American Agriculture for grades Pre-K-5th.

Discover science brought to life by American farmers and ranchers, researchers, nutritionists and veterinarians. The On The Farm STEM program was designed to equip you with free lessons, activities, online learning tools and enriching professional development events.

Feeding Minds Press
Feeding Minds Press strives to publish engaging children’s books about modern agriculture.

The Science of Soil
A list of 20 activities to excite your elementary students about soil.

Teacher Resources

Draw Someone in Agriculture
Students of all ages can draw someone in agriculture. Have a discussion about the stereotypes and preconceived notions that we have. Together we can broaden the definition of what a career in agriculture looks like.

Corteva STEM Videos
Career and science videos from Corteva employees

Science Ambassador Activities and Lesson Plans
Downloadable lesson plans covering a wide span of topics, courtesy of Corteva

Corteva Grows Science Outreach Career Paths
Are you interested in the variety of careers at Corteva Agriscience? Open the career sheets to explore just a few of the career options agriculture offers like software developers, chemical engineers, agronomists, and data scientists.

The Purple Plow
The Purple Plow Challenge site encourages students to research scenarios and build prototypes to solve problems related to related to food, hunger and sustainability.

National Ag in the Classroom
The National Agricultural Literacy Curriculum Matrix provides K-12 educators with relevant standards-based instructional resources. The lesson plans and companion resources use agriculture as a context for science, social studies, and nutrition education content.

National FFA Educator Resources
Lesson plans, educator guides, program management, and more for your agriculture science classroom.

OwlPellets Podcast
Owl Pellets is a podcast that will drop each Tuesday with a follow-up post on Friday throughout the school year.  OP provides practical tips for your ag classroom and interesting information to incorporate in your teaching. We digest pertinent research into pellets you can use in your classroom and provide quick, easy resources for you to read.

Scholastic ScienceWorld
Science World captivates and empowers your students with thrilling science news and hands-on investigations that span the following scientific disciplines: biology, physics, chemistry, earth science, and engineering.

Providing students in Grades K-12 with hands-on, standards-aligned STEM challenges which include agricultural events like Environmental Chemistry, Green Generation, Microbe Mission, Ecology, Hydrogeology, Food Science and Invasive Species.

ScienceOlympiadTV – Youtube Channel Link

World Food Prize – Youth Intitutes
Each year, the World Food Prize Youth Institutes convene high school students, teachers, and experts to explore and solve local, national and global hunger and food security issues. To apply to the Institute, students research and write a paper on a global challenge related to hunger and food insecurity. Registration for the event is free.

World Food Prize Educator Resources
All materials are available at no cost to educators and are designed to bring global learning concepts into your classroom, club, or community.

American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture – Educator Resources
Resources for all ages, spanning from lesson plans, books, fun facts, at-home learning, and more.

NAAE – Future Educator Resources
If you want to make a difference, ignite leadership, share your passion, strengthen agriculture, and to change lives, teaching agriculture is the perfect career choice for you! The difference and the impact you will make as a future agriculture teacher will be endless. On this page, you will find resources, tips and ideas to successfully prepare you for an exciting career in agricultural education.

State Staff Connection Series
Mark your calendar for The State Staff Connection Series! All sessions are at 3 pm ET via Zoom (except May). Links and session descriptions will be shared closer to each individual event.

NASAE Resources and Links
The NASAE Resource Drive is a compilation of resources shared by NASAE Members.

PBS Science Resources
Explore natural phenomena and scientific practices with videos, lesson plans, and interactive tools.

Green and Growing Education
Green & Growing Education provides professional development, curriculum, and support to agriculture teachers. Since 2019, G&G has brought together thousands of agriculture teachers through online community so they can show up as the best version of themselves in the classroom and at home.

Iowa Agriculture Literacy Foundation
Lesson plans of various topics for ages K-12.

University of Florida Teacher Resources
Lesson plans, SAE guidance, activities and more available for ages K-12.

American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture
Lesson plans and resources covering all subjects for grades 6-12.

USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture
This page is a compilation of resources that will help you to enhance agriculture education in your classroom.

California Agricultural Education
Resources provided by California FFA for classroom instruction and FFA implementation

Foodspan – Farmers, Factories, and Food Chains
This unit explores how our food is grown, harvested, processed, and distributed.

Food Farm 360
Take a 360-degree virtual reality tour of a Canadian farm at Food Farm 360. In each educational video, you can swipe left and right on mobile devices or click and drag on desktop computers to explore the farm around you.

Alabama Ag in the Classroom
Lesson plans and activities for grades 6-12

Wisconsin Ag in the Classroom
Lesson plans and activities for grades 6-12

Texas Farm Bureau Ag in the Classroom
Curriculum, professional development materials, and teacher connection opportunities

Oregon Ag in the Classroom
Lesson plans and activities for grades 6-12

Montana Department of Agriculture
All of the lesson plans are aligned with Montana standards and have been integrated into current subject areas.

Learn About Ag
California lesson plans and distance resources for all grade levels

Louisiana Ag in the Classroom
Lesson plans organized into grade levels and subjects for easy educator use.

Arizona Farm Bureau
The Arizona Farm Bureau Agriculture in the Classroom Program develops and implements curriculum and programs, aligned to the state learning standards, to help students and teachers be successful, while increasing agricultural awareness in K-12 classrooms and beyond.

Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Science
The Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services encourages teachers and students to use these resources for agriculture education.

Clemson Agriculture Curriculum
Lessons and resources for all grade levels.